Discover Vietnam – Travel Plans for the Perfect Vacation

Vacations are always an important part of modern lifestyle. These are breaks from the hectic schedules and long hours of work life when you can relax and unwind in a beautiful destination of your choice.

Travel to Vietnam

Among many countries of Asia there is an exotic and a land of varied wonders that awaits you and your family at Vietnam. This country is the last one on the Indochinese Peninsula. One of the first things that will always strike you about this country is the advancements and the modernity that it has achieved even while they have carefully preserved their rich heritage and cultural traditions.

This is a country that has various places for sightseeing many of which are even considered to be world heritage sites. There are plenty of shopping attractions and beach destinations with a wide variety of activities and leisure pursuits.

Food of course can be the last but definitely not the least. There is a delectable cuisine that you can taste here in Vietnam that will entice you with its beautiful flavors and taste.

Discover Vietnam

There are several places that you can visit in this beautiful oriental country. There is an ancient city of Hue that served as its capital. It is declared to be an international heritage site by UNESCO. Within this there are the Thai Hoa Palace, Cua Ngo Mon and the Imperial City that you will get to see as well.

One of the most famous places to visit in this country is Hoi An. This is a 200 years old city that still has the ruins preserved. It is a beautiful trip to the past of this country and there is a Cong temple here that stands since 1653.

Hanoi is the present day modern capital city of Vietnam that is also one of its important centers of political, economic and cultural affairs. You will be able to see a wide variety of architectural feats here along with shops and restaurants too. Look out for authentic Vietnamese cuisine and places where you can buy indigenous silk.

The largest city of the country is however Ho Chi Minh City. It is a place that is marked with a lot of activity and sustains a constant urban excitement. There is plenty of excitement that you can look forward to when you are here.

And if you are done with your sightseeing of this incredible country make sure you travel to some of the exotic beaches as well. There are plenty of options in Cua Dai, Bai Tam and Mui Ne.

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